I am proud to have clients who openly share their experiences of our work together. I know the benefits of Structural Medicine. I see it every day.
It is certainly satisfying when clients can take those benefits into their lives and reclaim activities that mean so much to them. Clients see and feel the results.
You can too!
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When I was young, I was amazed at a picture of the left handed tennis star Rod Laver. His left arm and shoulder were so much bigger than his right that he looked like a crab that had lost its right claw and grown a new small one. Athletics has improved and cross training has reduced the gross inequities that specialized activities produce, but can you really believe that your life, your work and your play has not introduced variation in your muscular and skeletal structure that is below your true optimum? Christina and her program of balancing the lines of fascia and muscle through slow powerful pressure can reverse the hidden alignment problems that are causing you pain or reducing your performance. I have worked with her for 18 months and seen improvements in range of motion and posture. I have less pain in daily life and more mobility. Because my problems took 40 years to drag me to my lowest point 2 years ago, I expect it will take longer to regain my full health, but I can recommend Christina regardless. She listens, she thinks, she cares and most of all she puts her heart into helping her patients.

Dan O – Executive

Young athletes sometimes put on muscle faster than they can grow. My daughter is a 15 year old competitive swimmer. Last year she started complaining of pain, stiffness and the annoying inflexibility. The diagnoses by our doctor was that she was putting on muscle mass faster than the fascia surrounding it could grow. Competitively speaking, this compromised her results. Long term and more importantly this was already leading to compensating postures that produced back pain and discomfort. After seeing Christina, we saw results immediately, especially in terms of flexibility and reduced pain and stiffness. After ten sessions, her overall ratio of fascia to muscle is balanced. Her symptoms disappeared and she was able to fully function once more not to mention get optimum results in her sport. I highly recommend treatment with Christina to improve flexibility, posture and restore client’s ability to do the things they love.

Kim W – Wife and Uber Mom of 3 competitive athletes.

My experience with Christina over a period of a few months has done more to make me aware of my body than anything else in my 47 full years of living. I am learning new ways of sitting, standing, and moving, and also discovering how my thoughts shape my experience of the world, and vice versa. I highly recommend Christina for her knowledge, skill, and deep compassion.

Allison B – Writer & Teacher

Having run for many years the miles have had accumulated. My body definitely needed some balancing and so I sought out Christina. Thanks to her exceptional hands on work muscles have come around to functioning years younger for me. It is not so much the performance but recovery that is important. Thanks Christina for your professional touch and the difference you make for many of us.

Rob R – Sometimes retailer, Sometimes runner

I was referred to Christina by a friend who had what he described as ‘miraculous and dramatic results’. He was so convinced that she would help me that he booked, paid for and transported me to my session. I have suffered from a lot of injuries over the years, the worst being a pinched nerve in my lower spine. When I went to Christina, I was bent over like Harpo Marx and had been that way for one week, in agony with all the muscles cramped as hard as rocks, stressed and pulled tight. After one and a half hours, I walked out pain free and standing upright. It has lasted months. I continue to work with Christina to ‘teach’ my body not to hold tension, or pain. She is wonderful, and my results are a dream come true!

Karen W. – Senior Advisor,Business, Economic and Labour Initiatives

I leave a session with Christina amazed at how much taller and straighter I feel. Pampered, Pummeled, Pounded and Pampered some more are a few of sensations that come to mind and body during a session. I liken her work as a cross between visiting an osteopath and having a deep tissue massage and whether it’s for an injury, alignment correction or just a bodywork tune-up – it is always a great stressbuster and treat to indulge in a session from Christina.

Ali B. – Retired CA, CEO and triathlete.

Before a session, I have the sense of struggle: gravity, daily stress and past injuries that weigh me down. When I leave, there is an ease, flexibility and grace that has me comfortable ~ again ~ in my own skin. The myofascial length tests confirm my improved movement compared to my very creaky pre-session test results. Bottom line ~ Christina helps me get back into my game and enjoying my day.

Jason O – Sales Executive


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