What do you do?

Our mission:

To bridge the world of mainstream and alternative therapies by utilizing scientifically proven and hands-on techniques to that release pain fast. The approach is collaborative; clients are active in their healing journey with Christina in order to have expedited results that last. Myofascial length testing, exercises, stretches, nutritional support, and overall lifestyle choices are all a part of the repertoire to assist clients in getting the most out of their sessions together.


What do you do?

Christina has been trained in Hellerwork, Structural Integration and Structural Medicine as well as the psychology behind the issues and concerns in life that cause upset and stress. The results are powerful. Her holistic and compassionate approach to healing the body also take into consideration that we cannot ignore the mind in the overall equation. Hers is a hands-on scientific approach that gets results.

Christina’s work is the combined efforts of leaders in Structural Integration who have their roots in the osteopathy and physiotherapy. Clients typically vary from office workers to sports enthusiasts and range in age from children to seniors. She directly addresses specific pathologies, painful complaints and movement dysfunctions. It bridges well-established and proven evaluation tools found in mainstream medicine; strength, range of motion and posture with the latest in scientific developments in alternative treatment therapies; manual therapy, myofascial release, movement and neuromuscular re-education, energetics and dialogue.

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