About Christina


Thank you for considering doing business with me and exploring the world of structural medicine. My journey with structural bodywork began in my late 20’s. I grew up very active in several sports, but my love was soccer. I played several years in competitive leagues which ended abruptly with knee injuries and resulting surgeries. The short story is that surgery # 2 didn’t go well and I was left in chronic pain ~ not only was I devastated that I had to give up my beloved sport (and my ability to do aerial cartwheels!), I had a grapefruit sized pain in the rear and low back pain after exercise. I couldn’t sleep at night without excessive stretching or massage both of which were temporary pain relievers. Driving was excruciating; I often had to pull over to stretch out my leg. Physical exercise was also a great stressbuster for me – so not being free to do it without pain was extremely difficult for me; I wasn’t exactly a joy to be around.

Although, I continued to work, live life and carry on, deep down I was resigned and sad; I was still young and felt I had so much to offer the world but couldn’t do so many things that I loved to do without being in pain afterwards. It was affecting my social life, my work and my overall self esteem. I was cautious in my movements at times and afraid to venture too far out of my comfort zone for fear of hurting myself again. I also worked very long hours on my feet and was always so stiff when I got home ~ one of my only releases was going for an easy run but of course, I would pay for it afterwards. I felt stuck.

Then, as fate would have it, I was in a small car accident (just me, some black ice and a tree) and bumped my head pretty hard. The good news is that it took my mind off my rump and back. The bad news was that I had whiplash, and upper back pain to match my low back pain. A friend recommended I go to a Hellerwork practitioner in town. Of course I had no idea what that was but I was trusted my friend and I was desperate.

I can’t remember the first session much other than being impressed and curious about my practitioner. She was very clear, friendly and knew her stuff. She also had this quality about her that I couldn’t put my finger on – all I knew was that I wanted some of whatever IT was. Later on in my training I realized that IT factor was self assurance that came with being very grounded. I didn’t realize how unfocused and ungrounded I was and how much my structure reflected that. It was a revelation for me to learn that the two were so interwoven and influential to the other.

The second session was the WOW session for me. She was working around my hips and my whole body started to shake for about 15 minutes. She reassured me that it was just tension leaving my system. I thought “THAT IS AMAZING!!” If I am walking around with all that stress and tension in my body that I am not aware of – what else is going on?! And what impact is it having on my health and well being day in and day out? Is that part of the reason I was so tired most of the time? Grumpier than I should be? I had to know more.

The rest, they say, is history. There was a Hellerwork training almost immediately that I threw myself into and graduated in 1998. Not only did I have a career that I loved, Hellerwork was my access to healing at many more levels than just physically. I have studied with some amazing and extraordinary individuals ~ Structural Medicine being a phenominal addition to my healing repertoire. I cannot thank the pioneers of structural integration and complementary modalities enough for their willingness to brave new frontiers often in the face of rejection and resistance in order to create a world that is aware, aligned and free. We can work in partnership with Allopathic Medicine to offer our clients options they can count on.

I am dedicated to sharing this work. I now know that my own sports injuries were avoidable had my structure been in proper alignment. Being able to assess and treat clients either as a preventative measure or assist them along their healing jouney is my passion. Although, I still can’t do aerial cartwheels (yet), I can run, go for long walks, swim, sleep at night and drive without pain. I can also play soccer with my kids which I never thought I would be able to do again. I am committed to an active lifestyle and creating that experience for others who are interested in staying active, moving with ease, aging gracefully and not settling for anything less than an amazing life.

Feel empowered. Feel aligned. Feel Fabulous!

Bodywork for Everybody!